"Vanessa is a compassionate, lovely individual who put me at ease immediately. She encapsulated my placenta after the birth of my first child. Vanessa treated me with the care of a family member- checking in on my health and offering me the ear and advice of a friend."



"Vanessa is amazing! When I decided I wanted to try the placenta encapsulation I had no idea how helpful it would be for my body or how wonderful my experience would be with Vanessa. She is extremely professional, qualified, efficient and loving. I would recommend her to everyone! For me, the encapsulation granted me more energy and balanced my hormones. I felt great during what can be those rough few months after giving birth. I would suggested every pregnant woman research encapsulation and decide if it's for them. Then hire Vanessa, hands down!"



"When I found out I was pregnant, I did a lot of research into how to make my birth and the beginning of motherhood a positive experience. I had known about placenta encapsulation for a long time, but didn't know where to begin finding someone who I trusted to do it properly. Luckily, Doulas of the Palm Beaches hosted an informational night about placenta encapsulation, where Vanessa came to talk about the benefits and process and answer our questions. My husband was skeptical at first, but by the end of the night, he said it seemed like it might be worth a shot. Vanessa stayed in touch leading up to the delivery, has stayed in touch after, is always available to answer questions, and delivered my encapsulated placenta, a cord keepsake, and a tincture right to my recovery room before I even left the hospital! I had so much energy in the weeks following the birth of my son, physically recovered very quickly, produced plenty of milk from the get-go, and had no symptoms of depression or anxiety whatsoever, which was such a relief given my history with those issues. Thanks, Vanessa!"



"Hope you are well. I just wanted to reach out and let you know today was the last day of my pills. I wanted to thank you as I believe with the help of those pills I truly felt wonderful these last 6 weeks. I had My energy regardless of the limited sleep and just as you said I felt overall like my normal self despite the craziness going on in our house with a toddler and newborn! You offer a wonderful service to postpartum women, and I truly appreciate all your help."