My Commitment

I strive to stay on top of industry standards and exceed them when possible.

My certifications are always up to date.

Your safety is my utmost priority.


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I have 200 hours of training in placenta preparation, safe handling procedures and sanitation. Yes, I am triple certified! I'm an APPA certified placenta specialist, a training that includes modules in: Anatomy and Physiology, Traditions, Research, Safety and Sanitation, Arts and Applications, and Postpartum Mood Disorders. I am the only APPA certified placenta specialist in south Florida! I hold a certification in safe food handling procedures and have completed a bloodborne pathogens training specifically designed for placenta encapsulators that is Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certified.

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safe handling

I am trained and experienced in safe placenta handling procedures. I provide transportation kits for clients with instructions on how to keep the placenta at proper temperature before I arrive for pick up and a client name label for the placenta container. Once I bring it home, I place it in my placenta only refrigerator. I use a separate thermometer to ensure that the correct temperature is maintained and I check it daily. I ensure that every container is marked with clients name and I process one placenta at a time. If two clients give birth at the same time, I process the first one completely. I then thoroughly sanitize before beginning the next client. I give each client my full attention to detail and safety.



My dedicated work area is properly sanitized before and after each client. I use a medical strength bleach solution on all surface areas and finish with a wipe down using hospital grade cavacide wipes. I use disposable supplies as much as possible. My dedicated non-disposable equipment is scrubbed in hot soapy water and rinsed. I then submerge it in medical strength bleach solution for 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly. I replace my supplies at the first sign of wear and have back up equipment to ensure I'm always ready for clients. Safety and sanitation are my top priorities!